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Site Date Operator Event
None2011-11-28NRFPurchase order sent for multi-static software.
None2011-05-05NRFSet up spare Mac with latest CODAR software.
None2010-04-23rjfRestored updated totals plots on gyre (plots made on central site).
GRNI2013-07-16NRFRan OSX Updates
GRNI2013-07-16NRFUpgraded Seasonde Software to R7u1.
GRNI2013-07-13NRFRemoved Multi-static Licence Key.
GRNI2012-06-12NRFPerformed Antenna Pattern Measurement, and installed new pattern.
GRNI2012-06-12NRFMulti-static Licence key installed.
GRNI2012-06-06NRFRelocated GPS Antenna, Installed new UPS, Replaced broken transmitter unit.
GRNI2011-12-07NRFPlanning site visit for third week in December 2011.
GRNI2011-08-16NRFComms restored - Wildblue dish realigned.
GRNI2011-07-27NRFSite visit with NRP to meet with home owners.
GRNI2011-07-09NRFData access offline - Wildblue dish moved.
GRNI2011-03-08NRFOffline - Wildblue Modem locked-up.
GRNI2010-12-09NRFOffline - Wildblue Modem locked-up.
GRNI2010-11-18NRFOffline - Wildblue Modem locked-up.
GRNI2010-11-08NRFOffline - Power outage.
GRNI2010-10-16NRFOffline - Wildblue Modem locked-up.
GRNI2010-05-11ljmSet email to home owner letting them know about upcoming visit.
GRNI2010-04-26NRFReplaced the RX antenna and performed an APM with the super transponder.
GRNI2010-04-23NRFChanged site map for disply on web site.
GRNI2010-04-22ljmSet email to homeowner letting them know about upcoming visit.
GMNB2015-06-24NRFReset Ethernet Power Switch to restore Comm's
GMNB2015-06-24NRFPerformed antenna visual inspection, All OK.
GMNB2015-06-24NRFSwapped received (old unit 200042 shows red blinking indicator; put in refurbished unit 200041).
GMNB2015-06-24NRFFundy Bay Networks Reset Network switch to restore Comm's.
GMNB2015-06-24NRFTransferred all outstanding data files since Comm's failure in May.
GMNB2015-06-24NRFInstalled latest Firmware 3.18T in Rx 200041.
GMNB2014-08-14ljmSwapped received (old unit 2041 failed with msg no receiver found; put in new 2042).
GMNB2014-08-14ljmNeil site visit; reset power switch; swapped disk drives; software updates.
GMNB2013-07-16NRFPerformed antenna visual inspection, All OK.
GMNB2013-07-16NRFUpgraded to SeaSonde R7u1, installed Muti-Static Licence.
GMNB2013-07-16NRFMac OSX updates.
GMNB2013-07-16NRFPower restored to site, now back online.
GMNB2013-06-16NRFPower disruption to Mac
GMNB2013-05-09NRFCanadian Coastguard working on site switched power off until 20:00.
GMNB2012-06-15NRFPerformed Antenna Pattern Measurement, and installed new pattern.
GMNB2012-06-14NRFReplaced damaged Rx Antenna and Rx unit. Reterminated co-ax connectors at Rx Antenna.
GMNB2011-09-21NRFData access restored
GMNB2010-11-16NRFComms offline, transmitter appears to be functional.
GMNB2010-10-05NRFSite visit to replace faulty receiver and upgrade the transmitter.
GMNB2010-10-05NRFReplaced faulty receiver and upgraded transmitter.
GMNB2010-10-05NRFInspected antennas and outside hardware.
GMNB2010-10-05NRFWe have been having spotty issues with the dynamic address sytem.
GMNB2010-08-12NRFTransmitter forced off for maintenance by CODAROS.
GMNB2010-04-23NRFChanged site map for display on web site.
GMNB2010-02-19NRFPerformed Antenna Pattern Measurement.
GMNB2010-01-26ljmVisit by C.Whelan and N.Fisher. New MacMini with latest software. Retuned antenna. No antenna pattern done due to bad weather.
CtrS2012-06-25NRFReplaced UPS battery.
CtrS2011-12-06NRFAdjusted map to include NAUS site, but grid file got corrupted.
CtrS2011-02-17NRFTurned off collection of CLIB radials.
CtrS2010-11-23NRFCODAROS adjusted averaging circle and angular limits on the combined grid.
CtrS2010-10-22NRFUPS communications cable installed and software set up.
CtrS2010-10-19NRFCODAROS changed spectral output and css output/averaging and radial output/merging.
CtrS2010-04-23NRFChanged site map for display on web site.
CSTM2012-06-17NRFPerformed Antenna Pattern Measurement, and installed new pattern.
CSTM2012-06-16NRFInstalled Smart APC-UPS, router, and Ethernet power controller.
CSTM2011-11-02NRFSystem manually restarted after power failure.
CSTM2011-07-29NRFSystem manually restarted after power failure.
CSTM2011-05-05NRFSite back online.
CSTM2011-04-24NRFSite offline.
CSTM2011-01-27NRFReceiver manually restarted after power failure.
CSTM2010-12-28NRFComputer manually restarted (locked-up).
CSTM2010-10-29NRFOffline - UPS failure.
CSTM2010-10-12NRFSystem manually restarted after UPS fault.
CSTM2010-10-12NRFSite Inspection. All OK and up to date.
CSTM2010-08-12NRFTransmitter forced off for maintenance by CODAROS.
CSTM2010-07-15NRFTransmitter back online.
CSTM2010-07-02NRFTransmitter offline after power interruption.
CSTM2010-05-21NRFSite visit for annual inspection.
CSTM2010-04-23NRFChanged site map for display on web site.
CSTM2010-01-25ljmVisit by C.Whelan and N.Fisher. New MacMini with latest software.

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