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Gulf of Maine Observing Stations GMRI/MWRA: Massachusetts Bay (A01) NERACOOS: Western Maine Shelf (B01) NERACOOS: Central Maine Shelf (E01) NERACOOS: Penobscot Bay (F01) NERACOOS: Eastern Maine Shelf (I01) NERACOOS: Jordan Basin (M01) NERACOOS: Northeast Channel (N01) EPSCoR:  E05 near Damariscotta River EPSCoR:  E07 off Monhegan UNH Wave Buoy NOAA Eastport NOAA Mt.Desert Rock NOAA Matinicus Rock NOAA 44007 Portland NOAA Isle of Shoals NOAA 44013 Boston NOAA 44018  SE Cape Cod NOAA 44011 Georges Bank Environment Canada 44150 La Have Bank NOAA 44027 Jonesport Environment Canada 44258, Halifax Harbor NOAA Buzzards Bay NOAA 44005 Gulf of Maine, 78 nm E of Portsmouth NOAA 44008 SE of Nantucket NOAA 44017 SW of Montauk Pt, NY METAR KGON Groton/New London CT METAR KJID Willimantic CT METAR KBVY Beverly MA METAR KBOS Boston MA METAR KCQX Chatham MA METAR KMQE East Milton MA METAR KFMH Falmouth/Otis AB MA METAR KHYA Hyannis MA METAR KLVW Lawrence MA METAR KGHG Marshfield MA METAR KMVY Marthas Vineyard MA METAR KACK Nantucket MA METAR KEWB Mew Bedford MA METAR KPYM Plymouth MA METAR KPVC Provincetown MA METAR KTAN Taunton MA METAR KORH Worcester MA METAR KLEW Auburn/Lewiston ME METAR KAUG Auburn ME METAR KBGR Bangor ME METAR KBHB Bar Harbor ME METAR KNHZ Brunswick NAS ME METAR KIZG Fryeburg ME METAR KGNR Greenville ME METAR KMLT Millinocket ME METAR KPWM Portland ME METAR KRKD Rockland/Knox ME METAR KSFM Sanford ME METAR KWVL Waterville ME METAR KIWI Wiscasset ME METAR KBML Berlin NH METAR KCON Concord NH METAR KEEN Keene/Dillant NH METAR KLCI Laconia NH METAR KMWN Mount Washington NH METAR K1P1 Plymouth NH METAR KPSM Portsmouth NH METAR KHTO East Hampton NY METAR KMTP Montauk NY METAR KBID Block Island RI METAR KUUU Newport RI METAR KSFZ Pawtucket RI METAR KPVD Providence/Green RI METAR KWST Westerly RI METAR CYFC Fredericton NB METAR CYCX Gagetown NB METAR CWPE Point Lepreau NB METAR CYSJ Saint John NB METAR CWSS St Stephen NB METAR CWVU Brier Island NS METAR CZBD Debert NS METAR CYZX Greenwood NS METAR CYHZ Halifax Int. Airport NS METAR CWKG Kejimkujik NS METAR CXLT Kentville NS METAR CXLB Lunenburg NS METAR CXMI McNabs Island NS METAR CXNP Nappan NS METAR CWWE Western Head NS METAR CYQI Yarmouth Airport NS

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University of Maine Ocean Observing System (UMOOS) Buoys in the Gulf of Maine
Site Location Start Date Latitude Longitude Mooring Status Light List Letter Light List Number
A01Massachusetts Bay2001-07-1042° 31.41´N070° 33.95´W2022-02-04A367
B01Western Maine Shelf2001-07-0943° 10.77´N070° 25.60´W2021-11-03B113
E01Central Maine Shelf2001-07-0943° 42.89´N069° 21.35´W2021-07-22E30 (4935)
F01Penobscot Bay2001-07-0844° 3.29´N068° 59.81´W2021-11-24F4052
I01Eastern Maine Shelf2001-07-2444° 6.26´N068° 6.70´W2021-06-14I2296
M01Jordan Basin2001-07-1243° 29.42´N067° 52.82´W2021-11-04M6
N01Northeast Channel2004-06-0342° 19.78´N065° 54.85´W2021-07-22-

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