PhOG, School of Marine Science, University of Maine University Of Maine Marine Staging Facility MSDS List
Physical Oceanography Group
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine

Name Manufacturer
Adhesive (G5) Part AGougeon Brothers
Adhesive (G5) Part BGougeon Brothers
Alcohol, DenaturedGreen Products, CO
Alkaline BatteriesPanasonic
Amerlock 400 ResinAmeron Coatings
Amercoat 450HS CureAmeron Coatings
Amercoat 450HS ResinAmeron Coatings
Amercoat 923 ThinnerAmeron Coatings
Amercoat 65 ThinnerAmeron Coatings
Ammonia, clear
Anti-Foulant DeviceSea Bird Electronics, Inc.
C Clear Choice Outboard Anti-FoulantITW Philadelphia Resins
D Dow Corning 4 Electrical Insulating CompoundDow Corning
E EP-2000 HardenerArdex
Elmer's Wood GlueElmer Company
F Fantastik CleanerNational Brands, Inc.
G Glidden Porch and Floor Oil/Pohyurethane Gloss
H Heavy Duty SiliconeCRC Industries, Inc.
Hydrogen Peroxide
IIsopropyl Rubbing AlcoholDiamond Drug
KKrylon Spray PaintKrylon Hardware
LLaquer ThinnerAstro
Liquid TapeGC Electronics
Lithium BatteriesPanasonic
Loctite Hi-Tack Gasket SealantHenkel Loctite Corp.
Loctite Threadlocker, high strengthHenkel Loctite Corp.
Lynsol (denatured alcohol)Sterling-Clark-Lurton Corp.
Lubricating Oil, EngineCastrol Inc.
Lubriplate No. 1200Fiske Brothers Refinig CO.
N Naval JellyThe Naval Jelly Co.
Never-Seez Blue MolyBostik Inc.
Never-Seez Pure Nicket SpecialBostik Inc.
OOxygen, compressed
P Palmolive Dish SoapColgate-Palmolive Co
Penetrox A-14Burndy Electrical
Q QD Electronic CleanerCRC Industries
RRapid-Tap, OriginalRelton Corp.
Ross Rubber CementRoss Chemical
Rulon (PTFE) Boedecker Plastics, Inc (Bearings)
SScotchkote Electrical Coating3M
Silicon Rubber GI-311Anchor Seal, Inc
Sherwin-William Paint, Ind. EnamelSherwin-William
Sorb-It DesiccantSud-Chemie
T Thin-XSterling-Clark-Lurton Corp.
Thin-X, odorlessSterling-Clark-Lurton Corp.
Triton XMallinckrodt Baker, Inc.
UUnleaded GasolineChevron
WWood Dust
Windex Glass CleanerDrackett Products Co.

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