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GoMoos Buoy M0127

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
M01272017-06-28 19:05ALLALL deployed by the vessel Warren
M01272017-06-28 19:05metwind_direction-4noticed 17 Jan, that secondary RMYoung wind direction is offset by about 30deg from primary. will reprocess.
M01272017-06-28 19:05GOESALL0GOES is missing last buffer about 50% of the time intermittently through the day
M01272017-06-28 19:30GOESgps_2_lat,gps_2_lon0Backup Goes GPS positions not being sent back from control box.
M01272017-06-28 20:00sbe37salinity, conductivity250Conductivity appears invalid for 250m SBE37IMP (need to check instrument configuration, calibrations, and setup).
M01272017-07-17 00:10metwind_2_speed,wind_2_gust,wind_2_direction-4Data from primary Gill wind sensor appear too high and erratic; backup RMYoung wind sensor working properly.
M01272017-08-28 08:45sunaALL20last data from 20m SUNA
M01272017-09-02 03:36GOESALL0GOES transmit time slipped 8 minutes to 36:30 from window of 27:15 to 27:30
M01272017-12-16 16:00sbe37, SUNAALLintermittent IM data begins (generally all instruments on the wire at once).
M01272017-12-19 17:00sbe37ALL1last data received from SM - note instrument has pressure-not being received.
M01272018-04-22 00:00aanderaatime2Instrument clock is drifting (now reporting outside expected window at minute 05).
M01272018-05-09 05:00ALLALL0Goes tranmissions becoming erratic with bad checksums (3). First part of message and first 2 checksums are okay.
M01272018-05-16 05:00ALLALL0Last Goes transmissions received from buoy (iridium phone still working).
M01272018-05-29 08:00aanderaacurrent_speed, current_direction2Last valid current speed and direction from surface current meter (signal strength too low, speeds high and erratic)

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