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GoMoos Buoy M0125

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
M01252015-11-05 23:05ALLALL Redeployed (turnaround) by the R/V Connecticut
M01252015-11-06 00:00goesALL-3Goes transmissions are weak for this deployment (issue with new transmitters signal strengths)
M01252015-11-07 12:45sunaALL250SUNA readings are invalid (values like 19.25 changed to 128)
M01252016-02-19 00:00sbe37ALL250Data from 250m SBE37IMP becoming intermittent
M01252016-08-08 12:00sbe37ALL100Last data received from 100m SBE37IM. No response from the instrument via talkthrough.
M01252016-08-08 12:00sbe37ALL150Last data received from 150m SBE37IM. Received several response to DS command on talkthrough but then the istrument stopped sending any responses (DS showed it was still logging, clock 1 min fast)
M01252016-09-07 12:00sbe37ALL50Last data received from 50m SBE37IM. No response from the instrument via talkthrough.
M01252016-09-19 19:00sbe37ALL20Last data received from 20m SBE37IM.
M01252016-10-08 11:50ALLALL Recovered by R/V PISCES

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