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GoMoos Buoy M0121

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
M01212012-10-25 14:05ALLALL Redeployed by R/V Connecticut
M01212013-02-09 16:15diagnosticsgps_lat,gps_lon0Buoy M01 appears to be adrift (no longer on station).
M01212013-02-09 16:30ALLALL0Buoy is no longer anchored and has drifted off station. Instruments are still reporting but data may not be from the anchor location.
M01212013-02-10 00:00sbe37temperature,salinity200200m SBE37 still reporting but both temperature and salinity have failed.
M01212013-02-10 00:00sbe37temperature,salinity250250m salinity has failed.
M01212013-02-19 00:00sbe37ALL250Last data received from 250m SBEIM.
M01212013-03-30 19:35ALLALL Recovered by M/V Scarlett Isabella (buoy and top part of the mooring which broke free in early February 2013).

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