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GoMoos Buoy I0135

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
I01352019-06-05 18:35ALLALL deployed by the R/V Connecticut
I01352019-06-10 12:00waves_3ALL0Microstrain wave data locked up several times during deployment.
I01352019-06-14 05:00goesALL0Goes transmissions becoming very intermittent - signal strength dropped from near 40 to 30 or below.
I01352019-10-03 09:00waves_3ALL0Microstrain failed (invalid clock data). When restarted on 2019-11-07, clock had not advanced. Timestamps are wrong use data with caution.
I01352019-10-03 18:00metvisibility0Vis sensor started reading continuously high at about 1800, flatline ever since
I01352019-10-10 20:00sbe3720instrument stopped reporting. unable to communicate with it. clock time shifted just before going off air
I01352019-11-01 09:00ALLALL0Buoy dragged anchor 50m to ENE during coastal storm.
I01352020-01-24 01:20metwind_direction-4Wind direction from RMYoung backup wind sensor is invalid (compass failure assciated with blown met fuse).
I01352020-02-04 20:00sbe37ALL1Last data received from 1m SBE - all data sent back are zero.
I01352020-06-02 12:35ALLALL instrument swap by RV Osprey

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