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GoMoos Buoy F0122

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
F01222011-01-05 02:25ALLALL redeployed by R/V Argo Maine
F01222011-01-05 02:25ALLALL redeployed by R/V Argo Maine
F01222011-01-21 18:00metvisibility-3sensor reads continuoulsy low after storm and cold snap
F01222011-06-20 01:00goesALL-3Last GOES transmission received (problem with GOES GPS). Cellphone working okay.
F01222011-06-23 06:04dopplerALL-4Doppler reset; data offset by 8 minutes (starts min 04 instead of min 56).
F01222011-09-19 08:00dopplerALL4Last data received from doppler current meter (major battery failure).
F01222011-12-15 00:00aanderaaALL2Aanderaa data questionable and has been flagged as invalid (speeds too low?).
F01222011-12-15 03:00goesALL0Goes transmissions becoming intermittent (GPS problem?).
F01222011-12-25 21:00goesALL0Backup goes transmissions have essentially stopped from this buoy. Cellphone working okay.
F01222012-02-03 20:00diagnosticsgps_lat,gps_lon-4Last valid GPS position received from this mooring.
F01222012-02-03 20:30sbe37ALL20Last data received from 20m SBE37IM. Inductive cable coupler apparently damaged during vist to rebattery RDI doppler but the instrument should still be recording data internally.
F01222012-02-03 21:15dopplerALL-4External battery and new cable has restored doppler data. Data from bins below 75m are very spotty and somewhat erratic (bins 1-17 okay, 18-23 have been flagged as invalid).
F01222012-03-06 17:30ALLALL0Cell phone communications failed for data logger. Cause is under investigation, but we hope to have data restored from this buoy before 20 March 2012.
F01222012-03-12 21:05ALLALL Old control box UMECB121 removed.

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