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GoMoos Buoy F0121

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
F01212009-09-17 16:05ALLALL redeplyed by R/V Argo Maine
F01212010-02-27 20:20metvisibility-3Visibility readings too low; flagged as invalid.
F01212010-04-12 14:00ALLALL0Last cellphone transmission received from this buoy. Secondary GOES transmissions continue to be okay.
F01212010-04-13 20:00ALLALL0Normal cellphone transmissions have resumed; all data appear okay.
F01212010-05-06 21:00aanderaaALL2Last valid data received from 2m current meter.
F01212010-05-14 14:00aanderaaALL2Data being received again from 2m surface current meter (external battery added).
F01212010-09-26 15:00sbe37salinity,conductivity,sigma_t20Last valid data received from 20m conductivity sensor; flagged as invalid.
F01212010-12-09 00:00dopplerALL4Doppler current profiler battery dropping; may fail within the next week.
F01212010-12-28 03:00dopplerALL4Last data received from doppler current profiler (battery failed).
F01212011-01-04 21:15ALLALL Recovered by R/V Argo Maine.

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