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Physical Oceanography Group
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine

GoMoos Buoy E0136

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
E01362017-12-09 18:15ALLALL Redeployed by R/V COnnecticut.
E01362017-12-14 23:00metwind_2_speed,wind_2_gust,wind_2_direction-4Flagged primary wind sensor as invalid due to issues with serial instruments. Backup wind sensor working properly.
E01362017-12-15 02:00ALLALL0Serial data instruments becoming very intermittent (Gill, BAE GPS, Aanderaa, RDIWH, SBE37, SUNA).
E01362017-12-19 05:00goesALL0Goes transmissions becoming extremely intermittent (no erros in goes_tx buffer).
E01362018-03-13 12:00ALLGOESGOES messages have been missing for some weeks, except for truncated garbled messages. Now 5:20 min late garbled messages are coming in.
E01362018-04-23 16:00ALLALL Recovered - control box replacement from R/V Ira C

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