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Physical Oceanography Group
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine

GoMoos Buoy E0135

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
E01352016-12-07 16:20ALLALL Redeployed by R/V IRA C after control box swap.
E01352016-12-14 00:00metvisibility-3Visibility values flagged as invalid (zero).
E01352017-03-07 03:00sbe37ALL20Last data received from 20m SBE37IM. Attempts to talk-through to the instrument were unsuccessful (no response).
E01352017-03-28 04:30goesALL0Last Goes transmission received (error shows time out waiting for response from transmitter)
E01352017-06-03 12:00aanderaacurrent_speed2Intermittent high current speeds being reported by surface current meter have been flagged as invalid; current_speed valid range tightened to 0,100 cm/s..
E01352017-06-15 08:20metwind_2_speed,wind_2_gust,wind_2_direction-4Data from primary Gill wind sensor failed; backup wind sensor continues to work properly

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