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GoMoos Buoy E0112

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
E01122004-11-19 17:20ALLALL Mooring redeployed by R/V Argo Maine.
E01122004-11-28 14:00sbe37ALL20Inductive modem data becoming intermittent.
E01122004-11-28 14:00optics_dALL18Inductive modem data becoming intermittent.
E01122004-11-28 14:00sbe37ALL50Inductive modem data becoming intermittent.
E01122004-12-02 12:00optics_aALL-3Data from tower PAR sensor went to zero.
E01122004-12-12 11:34ALLALL0Wrong datalogger program loaded into E0112 control box; no optics, IM, or doppler data recorded until problem was fixed.
E01122004-12-14 15:34ALLALL0Correct datalogger program reloaded into E0112 control box; 2 days of wave data lost, 2 days of Doppler, IM, and optics data missing until instrument downloads are completed.
E01122005-01-04 15:55ALLALL Mooring recovered by R/V Argo Maine to replace cabling/instruments.

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