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GoMoos Buoy B0129

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
B01292017-11-28 16:10ALLALLlast data from buoy (during testing in warehouse) - datalogger froze with phone on
B01292017-11-30 16:10ALLALLdata resumed (logger was manually reset) note this is testing in buoy barn
B01292017-12-08 20:10ALLALL Redeployed by R/V Connecticut.
B01292017-12-13 23:08ALLALL0Last data received from buoy (both cell and goes failed). Note phone was on when logger locked up (23:08)
B01292017-12-15 13:00ALLALL0Buoy resumed normal operations, calling on both cell and Goes after a complete data logger reset was done remotely.
B01292017-12-31 15:54metwind_2_speed, wind_2_gust,wind_2_direction,wind_2_-4Last data from Gill wind sensor. Likely flooded during icing conditions.
B01292018-01-02 00:00metwind_direction-4RM Young wind direction becoming erratic, changing offset from expected values
B01292018-01-03 23:00metbarometric_pressure-3pressure sensor problems begin - over voltage, then undervoltage. likely sensor was flooded during icing conditions.
B01292018-01-10 01:00metbarometric_pressure-3last valid data received from pressure sensor (-- likely flooded during icing condition.
B01292018-01-11 17:10ALLALLlast data received from buoy (both cell and GOES failed) note phone was off.

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