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GoMoos Buoy B0128

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
B01282016-07-08 13:15ALLALL Redeployed by R/V Connecticut
B01282016-11-19 00:00metvisibility-3Visibility data flagged as invalid (too low)
B01282017-02-08 04:00goesAL0No Goes transmissions for 10 hours (possibly related to lower battery voltage).
B01282017-02-11 07:00goesAL0Last Goes transmission received (error shows time out waiting for response from transmitter)
B01282017-03-20 21:00sbe37ALL20Last data received from 20m IM (talkthrough attempts were unsuccessful).
B01282017-04-20 10:00diagnosticsgps_lat,gps_lon0Last valid BAE GPS position received (same fix repeated since this time)
B01282017-06-19 15:00diagnosticsgps_lat,gps_lon0Talk-through to primary GPS re-established valid data from the instrument - gps latitude and longitude variables were unflagged and are valid.
B01282017-06-20 00:00aanderaacurrent_speed2Reported current speeds are too high and erratic; data has been flagged as invalid.
B01282017-07-20 02:00sbe16ALL52Last data received from 52m SBE16/transmissometer
B01282017-09-22 16:00sbe37ALL50Last data received from 20m SBE37IM. Talk-through efforts were unsuccessful in receiving a response from the instrument.
B01282017-12-08 13:30ALLALL Recovered by R/V Connecticut. Heavily fouled with mussels; fishing gear entangled with wire. Gill sonic anemometer was damaged during recovery operations.

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