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GoMoos Buoy B0126

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
B01262014-06-03 12:55ALLALL Redeployed by R/V Connecticut.
B01262014-06-04 12:00sbe16ALL52Last data received from 52m SBE16/transmissometer
B01262014-09-11 19:00accelerometerALL0Last valid wave data from Summit acceleromter.
B01262014-09-15 10:00waves_3ALL0Last data received from microstrain directional wave sensor.
B01262014-09-15 16:00accelerometerALL0Valid data being received once again from accelerometer (waves) - wave flag incorrectly set on data logger.
B01262014-09-15 17:00waves_3ALL0Valid data being received once again from mstrain directional wave sensor (clock 3 min slow)
B01262014-10-04 22:00wavesALL0Last data received from test directional wave sensor.
B01262015-03-13 11:00sbe37ALL50Data from 50m SBE37IM becoming intermittent
B01262015-03-19 16:00waves_3ALL0Talk-through efforts were successful to test directional wave sensor (previous attempts had all failed). Instrument was not sampling. Program restarted and normal data being received.
B01262015-03-20 14:00waves_3ALL0Last data received again from test directional wave sensor.
B01262015-04-30 06:00diagnosticsgps_lat,gps_lon0Position fixes becoming very intermittent from primary GPS.
B01262015-06-04 16:15ALLALL Recovered by R/V Connecticut. 1 solar panel broken off (possible storm damage); heavily fouled with mussels.

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