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GoMoos Buoy B0108

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
B01082005-01-06 19:35ALLALL Mooring redeployed by R/V Argo Maine
B01082005-01-17 02:00dopplerALL4Last data received from RDI current profiler.
B01082005-01-23 10:00accelerometersignificant_wave_height0NOTE: Some invalid wave heights being computed during this storm, please use datya with caution.
B01082005-01-23 15:00metwind_speed-3Wind sensor failed.
B01082005-01-24 07:00metvisibility-3Visibility data failed.
B01082005-01-26 19:00metwind_speed-3Wind values have returned to normal.
B01082005-01-29 00:00metvisibility-3Visibility readings appear valid once again.
B01082005-02-03 06:00optics_dALL18Last data received from deep optics at 18m.
B01082005-04-28 21:30ALLALL Recovered by RV Delaware

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