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GoMoos Buoy B0102

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
B01022002-03-28 20:45ALLALL Redeployed at Site B.
B01022002-04-07 17:00optics_sALL3Last buffer received from near-surface optics small pack (2m).
B01022002-04-10 17:00metwind_direction-4Wind Direction corrected by adding 90 deg offset (sensor not mounted correctly on mast)
B01022002-04-11 03:00metwind_direction-4All wind variables read 0, sensor failure.
B01022002-04-11 03:00metwind_speed-4All winds variables read 0, sensor failure.
B01022002-04-11 03:00metwind_speed_max-4All wind variables read 0, sensor failure.
B01022002-04-13 17:00metwind_direction-4Magnetic variation applied to wind direction; all wind directions are now relative to true north.
B01022002-04-19 16:30metwind_speed,wind_direction-4Wind sensor replaced
B01022002-04-19 19:00optics_sALL3Surface optics cable replaced, surface optics data OK.
B01022002-08-31 17:00dopplerALL4Last doppler current buffer was received.
B01022002-09-06 00:00optics_dALL18Data from small optics package at 18m becoming intermittent.
B01022002-09-06 00:00optics_sALL3Data from small optics package at 3m becoming intermittent.
B01022002-09-11 18:00sbe37ALL20Last data received from 20m microcat
B01022002-09-11 18:00optics_dALL18Last data received from deep optics (18m).
B01022002-09-11 19:00sbe37ALL50Last data received from 50m microcat
B01022002-09-17 15:00optics_sALL3Mutiple messages per hour being received from surface optics package.
B01022002-10-02 15:55ALLALL Recovered B0102.

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