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GoMoos Buoy A0144

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
A01442021-06-17 02:45ALLALL Redeployed by R/V Connecticut
A01442021-06-17 02:45sbe37ALL10instrument mistakenly deployed at actual depth of 6.3m (from pressure sensor and confirmed on recovery)
A01442021-06-17 02:45sbe37ALL20instrument mistakenly deployed at actual depth of 16.3m (from confirmed on recovery)
A01442021-06-17 12:00metALL0intermittent missing met data at top of hour after datalogger program change. Corrected 3 days later.
A01442021-06-18 12:00ALLALL0high battery voltage seen on buoy during daytime. probably solar panel connected to battery directly
A01442021-08-17 22:33sbe37ALL1instrument stopped responding suddenly. No response to talkthrough.
A01442021-10-27 04:03optodeALL51data from instrument begins to be intermittent, stops completely on 2021-10-28 (storm). Physical damage, chafing, abrasions, copper foil missing
A01442021-11-02 11:58ALLALL Recovered by M/V Warren
A01442021-12-31 12:00sbe37ALL1no data available on recovery. instrument not able to upload records. requested recovery from Seabird

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