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GoMoos Buoy A0136

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
A01362016-07-07 20:20ALLALL deployed by the R/V Connecticut
A01362016-07-07 21:00ALLALL0Wave direction and tilt invalid from microstrain directional wave sensor.
A01362016-07-07 21:00accelerometerALL0Wave data from summit accelerometer flagged as invalid (invalid memory address in data logger program).
A01362016-09-11 00:00sbe16ALL52Data from SBE16+/trans at 52m becoming intermittent.
A01362016-10-01 00:00ALLALL-4Intermittent spiking seen on primary wind sensor (Gill), generally observed at speeds > 25 kts.
A01362016-12-10 00:00ALLALL0Backup GOES buffers became corrupt despite valid checksums.
A01362016-12-12 00:00ALLALL0Primary cellphone tranmssions stopped from the buoy. Attempts to contact the phone were unsuccessful although phone was visible on the AT&T network.
A01362016-12-15 21:06ALLALL0Normal communications resumed from this buoy (both cell and Goes).
A01362017-01-30 14:00sbe16ALL52Last data received from 52 SBE16/transmissometer. Talk-through attempts showed a response from the SBE44 but nothing from the SBE16.
A01362017-02-19 05:40metvisibility-3Visiblity sensor flagged as invalid (reads too low).
A01362017-03-25 00:00metwind_speed,wind_gust,wind_direction-4Data from backup RMYoung wind sensor appears erratic (noisy and too high).
A01362017-05-22 00:00aanderaacurrent_speed, current_direction, current_u, curre2Speeds appear nosiy and erratic.
A01362017-06-22 18:30ALLALL0New program loaded into control box remotely; valid accelerometer wave data being received now from this buoy.
A01362017-06-25 16:07sbe37ALL20Last data recorded in post-recovery 20m SBEIM (realtime data stopped 27 June 2017).
A01362017-06-27 16:11ALLALL recovered by the vessel Warren

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