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GoMoos Buoy A0135

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
A01352015-10-26 18:11ALLALL Deployed by R/V Connecticut
A01352015-10-26 19:00accelerometerALL0Wave data from Summit accelerometer are invalid.
A01352015-11-26 12:00optodedissolved_oxygen51Need to check post-calibrations for 51m dissolved oxygen data - offset seen between it and 50m SBE43 readings.
A01352015-11-26 12:00sbe16dissolved_oxygen50Need to check post-calibrations for 50m dissolved oxygen data - offset seen between it and 51m optode readings.
A01352016-01-31 00:00dopplerALL3.2Doppler current profiler battery voltage dropping faster than expected; instrument still operating properly.
A01352016-02-14 00:00sbe16ALL50Data from 50m SBE16+ becoming intermittent
A01352016-02-28 10:00metwind_2_speed,wind_2_direction,wind_2_gust-4Primary Gill wind sensor has failed.
A01352016-02-28 10:00metwind_speed,wind_direction,wind_gust-4Backup RMY wind sensor reads too low; wind speed, direction and gust data flagged as invalid.
A01352016-04-16 21:00optics_schlorophyll, turbidity3Data from surface optics FLNTUS sensor appear too high; chlorophyll and turbidity flagged as invalid.
A01352016-06-07 08:00dopplerALL3.2Last data received from acoustic doppler current meter (battery failure)
A01352016-07-07 14:08ALLALL Recovered by R/V Connecticut. Signs of apparent collision with following damage to tower: RMYoung missing tail section, Gill missing electronics, Goes antenna chipped. RDI external batt 41V.

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