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GoMoos Buoy A0102

MooringDateBufferData TypeDepthComments
A01022002-03-08 23:30ALLALL Redeployed at site A by R/V Argo Maine.
A01022002-03-08 23:30metwind_direction -4Wind directions believed to be reading 25 degrees too high, when compared with adjacent NOAA and GoMOOS buoys. Wind directions corrected by -25.
A01022002-04-13 17:00metwind_direction-4Magnetic variation applied to wind direction; all wind directions are now relative to true north.
A01022002-04-28 18:00dopplerALL3Doppler current profiler started to reset itself. Doppler volts/amps had started to drop prior to reset.
A01022002-04-30 06:00dopplerALL3Last buffer received from doppler current profiler.
A01022002-05-21 17:00dopplerALL4New doppler replaced old one that failed. Good data are being received.
A01022002-06-07 16:00ALLALL0Experiencing problems with buoy's cell phone (buoy is not calling in every hour, but we can call it). Data are presently being received intermittently.
A01022002-06-15 00:00ALLALL0Normal cell phone communications have been re-established with the buoy. All data OK.
A01022002-08-14 13:00metwind_direction -4Wind directions from A0102 have been corrected by 25 degrees to agree with adjacent NOAA and GoMOOS moorings. Wind directions from A0102 should be used with caution until post-calibrations are perfor
A01022002-08-30 00:00sbe16ALL50Data from 50m SBE16+ (water temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen) becoming intermittent.
A01022002-08-30 03:00sbe37ALL20Last data received from SBE37IM.
A01022002-08-30 08:00sbe16ALL50Last data received from SBE16+.
A01022002-09-07 12:00dopplerALL10:4:126Data from doppler current profiler at 4m is beginning to become intermittent.
A01022002-09-13 12:00dopplerALL10:4:126Last doppler current data received.
A01022002-09-24 18:00ALLALL Problems with cell phone communications on buoy. Only intermittent connections have been made with data logger.
A01022002-10-01 21:45ALLALL Recovered A0102.

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