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Sensor Information for GoMOOS Mooring: PR207

Mooring History:
DateBuffer NameData TypeDepthComments
2016-04-26 12:50ALLALL Deployed by Commercial Divers, Inc
2016-08-04 12:00ALLALL0Battery voltage has started to drop due to apparent problem in charging circuitry.
2016-09-21 21:00ALLALL0Last data received from buoy (low battery issues)
2016-10-22 10:00ALLALL0Buoy recovered by Commercial Divers and towed back to San Juan for work on charging system.
2016-10-29 13:00ALLALL20Redeployed by Commercial Divers. All data valid at this time.
2017-04-26 12:30ALLALL Recovered for annual maintenance
2017-04-26 12:30ALLALL Recovered for annual maintenance

Notes: Sensors highlighted in red indicate problems with this sensor during deployment. Depth is measured relative to the ocean surface with positive depths indicating depths below the ocean surface. Negative depths are heights above the surface. In the case of doppler current measurements, the depth indicates depth of first measurement:delta-depth:depth of last measurement. For instance, 10:4:106 represents currents measured every 4 meters from 10 meters down to 106 meters (28 depths in all).

Data TypeDepth (m)Real TimeSensor S/NManufacturerModelSample IntervalAveraging Period (min)Update Interval (min)UnitsAccuracy
barometric_pressure-3YSETPR4089864Setra2701 hz810.0millibars1.0000
air_temperature-3YCAMAT044Campbell107_L1 sample/8 seconds810.0deg C0.9000
gps_lat-4YNOVGP09070017NovatelSmart_Antenna1 sample/hour0.060.0degrees0.0002
gps_lon-4YNOVGP09070017NovatelSmart_Antenna1 sample/hour0.060.0degrees0.0002
wind_speed-4YRMYWM1330251 hz810.0
wind_direction-4YRMYWM1330251 hz810.0
wind_gust-4YRMYWM1330255 sec810.0
wind_2_speed-4YGILWM09160009Gill_Instruments,_LtdWindSonic1 hz810.0m/s0.3000
wind_2_direction-4YGILWM09160009Gill_Instruments,_LtdWindSonic1 hz810.0degrees10.0000
wind_2_gust-4YGILWM09160009Gill_Instruments,_LtdWindSonic5 sec810.0degrees10.0000
int_temp0YUMECB332University_of_MaineGOM041 sample/hour0.060.0deg C0.9000
significant_wave_height0YSUMAC1650A00030Summit34203A2 hz1760.0meters0.3000
dominant_wave_period0YSUMAC1650A00030Summit34203A2 hz1760.0seconds1.0000
temperature1YSBESM6340Sea-Bird_Electronics,_IncSBE37SM1 sample060.0deg C0.0050
conductivity1YSBESM6340Sea-Bird_Electronics,_IncSBE37SM1 sample060.0mS/cm0.0100
current_u::0YNORCP86261 sample/6 sec860.0
current_v::0YNORCP86261 sample/6 second860.0

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