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Sensor Information for UMOOS Mooring: I0135

Mooring History:
DateBuffer NameData TypeDepthComments
0000-00-00 00:00waves_3ALL0Microstrain locked up. When restarted on 2019-11-07, clock had not advanced. Timestamps are wrong use data with caution.
2019-06-05 18:35ALLALL deployed by the R/V Connecticut
2019-06-10 12:00waves_3ALL0Microstrain wave data locked up several times during deployment.
2019-06-14 05:00goesALL0Goes transmissions becoming very intermittent - signal strength dropped from near 40 to 30 or below.
2019-10-03 09:00waves_3ALL0Microstrain locked up. When restarted on 2019-11-07, clock had not advanced. Timestamps are wrong use data with caution.
2019-10-03 18:00metvisibility0Vis sensor started reading continuously high at about 1800, flatline ever since
2019-10-10 20:00sbe3720instrument stopped reporting. unable to communicate with it. clock time shifted just before going off air
2019-11-01 09:00ALLALL0Buoy dragged anchor 50m to ENE during coastal storm.
2020-01-24 01:20metwind_direction-4Wind direction from RMYoung backup wind sensor is invalid (compass failure assciated with blown met fuse).
2020-02-04 20:00sbe37ALL1Last data received from 1m SBE - all data sent back are zero.
2020-06-02 12:35ALLALL instrument swap by RV Osprey

Notes: Sensors highlighted in red indicate problems with this sensor during deployment. Depth is measured relative to the ocean surface with positive depths indicating depths below the ocean surface. Negative depths are heights above the surface. In the case of doppler current measurements, the depth indicates depth of first measurement:delta-depth:depth of last measurement. For instance, 10:4:106 represents currents measured every 4 meters from 10 meters down to 106 meters (28 depths in all).

Data TypeDepth (m)Real TimeSensor S/NManufacturerModelSample IntervalAveraging Period (min)Update Interval (min)UnitsAccuracy
barometric_pressure-3YSETPR2299994Setra2701 hz810.0millibars1.0000
air_temperature-3YCAMAT15011 sample/8 seconds810.0
visibility-3YAANVS9321 hz810.0
gps_lat-4YBAEGP 0149661 sample/hour0.060.0
gps_lon-4YBAEGP 0149661 sample/hour0.060.0
wind_speed-4YRMYWM143939RM_Young05106-51 hz810.0m/s0.3000
wind_direction-4YRMYWM143939RM_Young05106-51 hz810.0degrees10.0000
wind_gust-4YRMYWM143939RM_Young05106-55 sec810.0m/s0.3000
wind_2_speed-4YGILWM183900781 hz810.0
wind_2_direction-4YGILWM183900781 hz810.0
wind_2_gust-4YGILWM183900785 sec810.0
int_temp0YUMECB127University_of_MaineGOM011 sample/hour0.060.0deg C0.9000
significant_wave_height0YSUMAC0902A01077Summit34203A2 hz1730.0meters0.3000
dominant_wave_period0YSUMAC0902A01077Summit34203A2 hz1730.0seconds1.0000
temperature1YSBESM1870Sea-Bird_Electronics,_IncSBE37SM1 sample030.0deg C0.0050
conductivity1YSBESM1870Sea-Bird_Electronics,_IncSBE37SM1 sample030.0mS/cm0.0100
temperature2YAANCM717Aanderaa_Instruments34291 sample060.0deg C0.0500
current_u2YAANCM717Aanderaa_Instruments342910 hz160.0cm/sec3.0000
current_v2YAANCM717Aanderaa_Instruments342910 hz160.0cm/sec3.0000
temperature20YSBEIM2571Sea-Bird_Electronics,_IncSBE37IM1 sample060.0deg C0.0050
conductivity20YSBEIM2571Sea-Bird_Electronics,_IncSBE37IM1 sample060.0mS/cm0.0100
temperature50YSBEIM14729Sea-Bird_Electronics,_IncSBE37IMP1 sample060.0
conductivity50YSBEIM14729Sea-Bird_Electronics,_IncSBE37IMP1 sample060.0
current_u::0YRDIWK1957RD_InstrumentsWHS-3001 sample/6 sec860.0cm/sec0.5000
current_v::0YRDIWK1957RD_InstrumentsWHS-3001 sample/6 second860.0cm/sec0.5000

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