Exercises in Physical Oceanography

Version 2.0  October 2000

These exercises accompany the teaching of physical oceanography at the Flinders University of South Australia. They consist of two groups of activities.

The original exercises were written in propriatory software and could therefore only be used in the computer laboratories of Flinders University. The advent of the world wide web and JavaScript made it possible to transfer the exercises into a format which makes them accessible to anyone. The only requirement is a browser with JavaScript and LiveConnect capability. Some browsers cannot handle LiveConnect. See the info page for full details.

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Note: The exercises are designed to be completed in a given time. To enable exercise timing your browser must be allowed to accept cookies.
(This is usually the default setting. If the exercise timer does not seem to work you have to change the browser preferences. Look for "cookies", "advanced" or a similar category and allow the browser to accept all cookies.)

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