Basic exercises in Physical Oceanography

Version 1.1  September 2000

These exercises accompany and expand the material contained in the lectures An Introduction to Physical Oceanography which can be viewed on the web or on the CD-ROM. The exercises were originally developed at the Flinders University of South Australia as a replacement to face-to-face teaching, in response to the shrinking university budget of the early 1990s. Over the years they have shown their value for students in off-campus locations and those engaging in evening studies.

The original exercises were written in propriatory software and could therefore only be used in the computer laboratories of Flinders University. The advent of the world wide web and JavaScript made it possible to transfer the exercises into a format which makes them accessible to anyone. The only requirement is a browser with JavaScript capability. I recommend iCab for Mac users and Opera for Windows and Linux users. Netscape Navigator (version 3 or higher) works for PC, Unix and Mac users. Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4 or higher) also works.

Available exercises

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