Mooring Events: N0116

2013-06-21 19:32:00 ALL 999 ALL Redeployed by R/V Connecticut
2013-07-10 00:00:00 ALL 0 ALL Last data received from N0116's data logger (both iridium and goes)
2013-07-10 17:00:00 ALL 0 ALL Communications re-established with buoy (both iridium and Goes).
2013-09-05 00:00:00 visibility -3 met Visibility sensor appears to be reading too low; flagged as invalid.
2013-11-15 09:24:00 ALL 0 sbe37 Data from 1m SM, directional wave sensor and Gill sonic anemometer missing from 11/15 09:24 through 11/16 06:04 due to problem with SIO4 in control box. Data appears valid once again from all sensors
2013-11-21 02:30:00 barometric_pressure -3 met Last data received from barometric pressure sensor.
2013-11-21 02:30:00 visibility -4 met Last data received from visibility sensor.
2013-11-21 02:30:00 wind_2_speed -4 met Last data received from sonic anemometer; backup wind sensor reporting okay.
2014-01-02 23:30:00 ALL 0 ALL Buoy has broken free from its anchor and is adrift. Data from its sensors are still being processed while the buoy is drifting.
2014-01-22 23:30:00 wind_speed, wind_gust, wind_direction -4 met Last valid data received from RMYoung wind sensor.
2017-10-24 14:30:00 ALL 999 ALL Buoy and instruments finally recovered by R/V Atlantic Explorer (Bermuda).

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