Regional Oceanography: an Introduction

Regional Oceanography: an Introduction is a textbook suitable for an advanced undergraduate course or for a course to introduce graduate students to the essentials of oceanography. The first edition was published by Pergamon Press. The second edition is published by Daya Publishing House, Delhi. It can be ordered through bookstores or from the publisher; the details are:

Tomczak, Matthias & J Stuart Godfrey: Regional Oceanography: an Introduction 2nd edn (2003), xi+390p., figs., tabls., ind., 25 cm
ISBN: 8170353068 (hardcover, US$89.95), 8170353076 (paperback, US$29.95).

A colour version of the book can be downloaded free in pdf format. The pdf version uses the same text as the printed version but includes colour figures. The colour figures do not print well in black and white; if a black-and-white edition is required it should be obtained through a book shop or from Daya Publishing House.

Download the pdf version here.

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