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Mooring K0101 : Saint John (Recovered on Mar 14 2002)

Latitude: 45° 12.35´N
Longitude: 66° 1.25´W
Location Description: Bay of Fundy
Deployed: Jul 26 2001
Recovered: Mar 14 2002
Coast Guard Light List Letter: -
Coast Guard Light List Number
Water Depth: 25 meters (82 feet)
Watch Circle Radius: 0 meters (0 feet)
Last Cell Phone Transmission: NA
Last GOES Transmission: NA
Latest Event:
Apr 13, 01 PM EDT
Magnetic variation applied to wind direction; all wind directions are now relative to true north.

Text Reports: Surface, Ocean, Currents OR Data Download (All data for this location)

Sensor Information (this deployment only)

Latest Conditions:

Since K0101 has already been recovered, you may follow this link for a more current data display.

Click on the graph icons below to see time series plots of the listed variables. The latest conditions are in local time but all plots are in GMT(Summer EDT is 4 hours behind GMT; Winter EST is 5 hours behind GMT; Atlantic AST is always 4 hours behind GMT).

We follow the convention that depth is measure positive "down". That's why parameters like wind speed have negative depths attached to them! The latest eastward and northward subsurface currents are displayed at a subset of available depths; no plots are presently available for current velocity vectors below 2m. Click here for additional Information.

Variable (measurement depth in meters) Last
Air Temperature (-3m)NANA
Visibility (-3m)NANA
Wind Direction (-4m)NANA
Wind Speed (-4m)NANA
Wind Gust (-4m)NANA
Water Temperature (2m)Sensor Failure2002 Mar 06 10:00 PM
Water Temperature (15m)2.1 C (35.9 F) 2002 Mar 14 4:00 PM
Salinity (15m)30.9 psu 2002 Mar 14 4:00 PM
Sigma-T (15m)24.7 kg/m^3 2002 Mar 14 4:00 PM
Transmissivity (0.25m pathlength) (15m)10.1 percent 2002 Mar 14 4:00 PM
Current Direction (2m)NNW2002 Mar 06 10:00 PM
Current Speed (2m)0.0 cm/s (0.00 kts)2002 Mar 06 10:00 PM
East Current Velocity (2m)0.0 cm/s (0.00 kts)2002 Mar 06 10:00 PM
North Current Velocity (2m)0.0 cm/s (0.00 kts)2002 Mar 06 10:00 PM

Measured Ocean Currents and Wind Stress

Hourly averaged wind stress at 4 m and currents (rotated to true north) at 2 m (current meter) and from 10 m to a maximum of 126 m (Doppler).
This Deployment:

How to Read a Stick Plot

Wind and Residual Ocean Currents

Measured winds and currents which are low-pass filtered to remove tidal currents. Winds at 4 m above sea surface, surface currents at a depth of 2 m, and doppler currents at 4 meter bins from 10 meters to a maximum of 126 meters.
This Deployment:

How to Read a Stick Plot

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