Drifting Buoys, RMRP 1995

Drifting Buoy Information:

Five satellite tracked drifting buoys were deployed between 3-4 April 1995 by the RV Argo Maine. All five were drogued at a depth of 40 meters. The drifting buoys transmitted via Service Argos and between 4 and 6 positions were received daily for most of the buoys. The table below lists the deployment positions along with the date and position of the last transmission.

Data Processing:

The positions calculated by Service Argos were edited using a default speed criterion of 6 knots, eliminating unrealistic positons. The cleaned time series were fit by a cubic spline and interpolated to hourly positions. The hourly positions were low-pass filtered to remove any tidal effects.

Data Display:

The smoothed position time series are shown for each buoy. The symbols on the plots are every seven days, starting on 6 April 1995 at 0000z. Labels indicating the date are placed every four weeks.

PTTDrogue DepthDate DeployedLatitudeLongitudeLast DateLatitudeLongitude
817640 m3 April 199543° 18.0´N67° 37.2´W31 Dec 199551° 11.6´N44° 59.4´W
817740 m4 April 199543° 33.0´N67° 40.2´W31 Dec 199539° 54.5´N55° 28.4´W
858940 m3 April 199542° 50.7´N67° 50.5´W08 Aug 199540° 50.0´N68° 58.0´W
2250740 m4 April 199543° 09.5´N67° 23.4´W30 Dec 199535° 17.9´N46° 05.5´W
2294040 m4 April 199543° 49.3´N67° 33.1´W31 Dec 199543° 42.6´N65° 21.7´W