PhOG, School of Marine Science, University of Maine GoMOOS Mooring Site History
Physical Oceanography Group
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine

The following moorings have been deployed in the selected GoMOOS region. Moorings listed in red are presently deployed. The buoy files names are a composite of the region (1 letter, eg, 'C'), specific site within the region (2 digits, eg '02'), and the deployment sequence at a specific site (2 digits, eg, '01'). For example, C0201 would be a mooring deployed in region C at site 2 for the first time.

Site: VI2
Mooring Location Dep. Date Rec. Date Latitude Longitude Mooring Status Update Light List
VI201USVI EPSCOR Data Buoy A2017-08-12 16:500000-00-00 00:0018° 28.57´N065° 9.41´W2017-08-12A